About the Journal

Journal of Emerging Management Studies is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed academic journal published by DAV Research Management Cell, DAV College, Nepal. It publishes conceptual, review and empirical papers in the field of management and allied disciplines such as economics, business communication, and business-related IT research. It is dedicated to publishing original and innovative scholarly research papers from faculty members, research scholars and student community.

The Journal’s aim is to facilitate rethinking of knowledge, theory, and practice through cutting-edge research in the areas of management studies, thereby fostering the knowledge of these academic disciplines. The Journal is committed to providing a forum for researchers, academicians and students to exchange their theories, research findings and methodologies.

Journal of Emerging Management Studies therefore welcomes submissions from the afore-mentioned ranges of scholarship. It invites studies that explore and interrogate existing critical assumptions, conceptual terms, and management frameworks.

Alongside work that helps re-orientate critical inquiry, Journal of Emerging Management Studies also welcomes scholarship that interrogates the new orthodoxies which themselves developed through the new re-orientations.

Please read Author Guidelines carefully before submitting your manuscript. 

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