Basic Check 

An editor on the Editorial Board examines an article to see if it meets the Journal's aim and scope. Manuscripts that are outside the scope of the journal are rejected. Articles that have been published in whole or in part in other media or websites will not be considered or approved.


Similarity Check

Please be informed that all submitted manuscripts are subject to a plagiarism check. To check for similarities to previously published works, we use Turnitin or a comparable application. The similarity percentage should not exceed 20%. Plagiarized manuscripts are automatically rejected.


Peer Review

For peer review, we employ a double-blind approach in which both reviewers and writers remain anonymous. A second round of peer review may be initiated in some exceptional situations, based on the suggestions of editors and reviewers.


Acceptance/Rejection Decision

The average score given by reviewers is used to determine whether or not an article should be accepted. A manuscript is graded on a scale of 1 to 10 by the reviewers. The manuscript must have an average score of at least 5 in order to be approved for publication. When the editor or reviewer believes the submission is not acceptable for publication, a manuscript with a score higher than 5 may be rejected by the Editor.


After Acceptance

The article's approval will be communicated to the corresponding authors via email. Significant modifications to the article will be considered only with the Editor's consent.


Please read Author Guidelines carefully before submitting your manuscript.